Monday, October 27, 2008

What We Did in Crete

Last night, three of us sat on the doorstep with our laptops, and provoked a chuckle from the neighbors. They felt better when we told them we were working and sending messages to our children; they are not keen on computer games, I think. It would have been a great photo: “What I did in Crete”. Sometimes we can get a wireless signal in the house, sometimes not. This time, we found it on the doorstep.

Smoking seems like a national pastime. Our teachers all smoke. Sometimes we have to get up and shut the classroom door, form, though they don’t smoke in the classroom, the office is right next door, or the balcony, and they don’t think about how the smoke travels. All of us students are bothered by it, but what can you do? There is often smoking at the next table when we eat. It really is everywhere. Our sheets and towels smell of cigarette smoke. We are glad to have the chance at a lot of fresh air between sessions. It will get harder as we shut the doors and windows, of course.

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