Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our House

Our house is about eight by twenty five feet, a little wider at the back. The ceilings are about twelve feet high. The backgammon players drink coffee at a cafenio in the next building, essentially in the next room. Across the street is a baker who makes large decorated cakes for special occasions, of which there are many in Greek life. Your birthday is not as important as your saint's name day, and you celebrate with everyone else with the same name. Next to the cafenio is a potter; down the other way, there is a weaver, across from Steki, our favorite place to eat and hang out. There are a couple of T-shirt shops, a shop with olive-wood bowls and utensils, yet another cafenio (cafe'), and several other houses, all in about one hundred feet of our little street, which is also about eight feet wide. There is a scooter across the way that has been there for years, apparently, in a pretty arched niche in the wall.

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