Friday, October 24, 2008

More History

Here's a more comprehensive history of Chania:

The Minoans were here during the New Stone Age, around 2800-1150BC
During the Classical period, the city was called Kydonia, until the 7th Century.
826-961-Arab occupation
961AD - taken over by the Venetian Emperor Nikiforos Fokas
1204-1645 - Venetians
1645-1669 - Venetians build old town (castelli) in the port of Chania
1645 - 1669 - Turkish occupation
1821 - Greek Revolution against Turks (unsuccessful)
1866-1869 - bloody uprisings, Europe starts to take notice
1878 - Crete became semi-autonomous
1897 - protection of European forces
1908 - Appointed High Commissioner Prince George, headquartered in Chania
1905 - Revolution of Therisso, led by Eleftheriou Venizelos
1913 - Greek flag raised on fortress of Firka
May 20-29, 1941 - Battle of Crete, one of the most famous and memorable battles of WWII

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