Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life is a Beach

We expected the weather to be cooler in October, averaging 70 degrees,as it said on the Internet, but it's been warmer most days. We decided to go to the beach yesterday, which is a fifteen minute walk around the harbor, past the fortress; past a defunct beach club with an empty pool and waving curtains; past a fishing pier; past a little park with a dirt floor and a playground under palm trees. Chania is a great mix of past and present. We paid a couple of Euros to use beach chairs and umbrella, and went into the clear, green water. Delicious! It will be worth going again. We stopped for lunch at one of the seafood places across from the beach, but, although I have happily eaten little fried fish with the heads still on, the others did not feel the same, and we may look for lamb or beef for our next meal. The salads are wonderful, and it is easy to eat well on very little.
Last night, we decided to walk around the other way and find another seafood restaurant. We were drawn in by what sounded to me like a good deal - fourteen, we thought he said, but it was forty, still a good deal for four - for a large plate of grilled seafood, and bread, and salad, and sweets. Shrimp, snapper, barbossa, sardines, something like swordfish, little whole octopus, sliced calamari, and six-inch octopus legs. I was again very happy, but the others though they'd heard mixed "grill", and hadn't caught the fish part, so there was a lot left over. We almost brought it home. There are cats and dogs everywhere in the streets, and we had three courting us as we ate. I hope they got some of what we didn't eat.

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