Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday,October 25

We had a wonderful fish soup at Steki tonight. It was a special request of a regular customer who is going back to Denmark soon, and we got to share it. The broth is a sort of AvgoLemono and comes with a tray of fish and vegetables, which you then add to the broth as you please. I found the recipe in a Cretan cookbook; when we went back to buy it later, the shop was closed. I will try again; this food is really good. We were offered ice-cream for dessert, also not something they usually have. Johnny warned us that it was not fresh but frozen, and that it was served cold… We split a dish among three of us.

Camilla and Hazel were at Steki on their way to a disco party. Camilla had told us about her costume earlier, and we got to see it first hand. She is Danish and works in a jewelry shop, but is going to Denmark on Thursday. She was wearing white knee-high boots with platform soles and very high heels, over white knee socks that formed a cuff at the top. Her dress was a referee-striped halter with a fitted long bodice and a skirt about 8” long from the hip; she also wore a lacy petticoat, which extended the hem length another four inches. The dress had in its breast pocket a red card for handing out to reject a prospective suitor. Johnny made sure she also had a yellow one in case she wanted to say maybe. I don’t think she had any in green.

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