Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hazel's Birthday

Friday was Hazel's birthday. Hazel is Scottish and took the TESOL course here in March. She never left, she liked it so much! She's leaving on Tuesday, and her many friends wanted to celebrate. She has a big heart, a big body, a big smile. She loves to dance, and her body swirls around her like chiffon fabric. She loves to drink, and can easily put away a bottle of Martini in an evening. When the ice clumped together so she couldn't get it into the glass, she poured her Martini into the little ice bucket and drank it with a straw.
Steki is the restaurant a couple of doors down on our little alley, and they do serve good food, and cheap. The doors are wide and usually open, to remove the boundaries between inside and out. We began with a table for six outside, and, as more people arrived, set up another and one more, until there were eighteen people, of fourteen nationalities: Scottish, Norwegian, British, Egyptian, Romanian, American, Australian, Greek, Syrian, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Georgian, and, I think, French. All speaking English in an outdoor cafe in Crete!
Hazel wanted to go to ElMondo to dance (and drink!), which is an expat bar nearby. Everything is nearby, easy walking, a block or two. It was full of obnoxious German soldiers who had been on the boat for two months. The music was too loud for my ears, I was tired of having alcohol spilled on me, and I left after a polite length of time. Bars are not my scene, though it was fun watching the people.

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