Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home Again

I didn't get any of the TEFL jobs I applied for in Prague or Santiago, so I am back in the USA, missing the food and the weather and the ocean and my friends. I'll have to go back as soon as I can.
The Wednesday before I left, I went swimming with Vasili at the Winter Swimming Place (it says so on a rock). Further down the coast from where we had been is a peninsula with beaches on both sides. Depending on the way the wind blows, the swimmers choose their beach. The water on one side can be whipped up in whitecaps while the other is smooth as glass. There are sheltered stony nooks on both sides to warm up in the sun. It was perfectly lovely in the salty water, and hard to get out. The same group of people swims here every day if the waves are not too big, rain or shine. Some huge rocks on the shore were riddled with holes that might have been made when they were formed, maybe from air in the lava.
Here in New England, the sun is bleak and low, and the weather is cool and raw. Exactly what we expect in early December, and a little depressing. Crete is not so far south as I had thought, and the days get short there as well, but the temperature makes it easier to get out in the sun and the water. Swimming every day sounds like such a delicious thing to do. Ahh, dreams!

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